pulp and paper

Among the process industries, here is where La Leonessa slewing rings’ usage is characterized by generous dimensions; they are located in the storage, extraction and dosing silos.

One slewing ring shoulders the central turret inside the silo and takes the axial load coming from the stocking mass, driving the circular movement of the silo bottom.

Another slewing ring is linked to the screw for feeding the conveyors. The dimensions of both are significant due to large touching base needs and to enable the material passing through and the localization of gear boxes and trasmissions in the nearby.

Main characterisctics of pulp & paper slewing rings:

Position Environment Spacers Seals Grease Options
Silo Harsh, humid, high temperature PA6 charged Special EP2 high temperature Greassing channels
Screw Harsh, humid, high temperature POM Special EP2 high temperature Greassing channels