Speed, reliability and productivity are the parameters that decree the success of a bottling line. The use of slewing rings with a medium-large diameter and a reduced cross-section made this application one of those where significant elastic deformation on the slewing rings need to be properly managed. This is taken into account during the production, optimizing the machining phases of the various components.In the bottling lines La Leonessa slewing rings are used in the carousel and at the end of the line.

They generally have an internal or external gear with a single row of balls, they must have restrained clearance and preloads, in order to efficiently engage with plastic pinion.

End of line
They have reduced dimensions, generally up to 500 mm and characterized by the absence of coating.

Main characterisctics of bottling line slewing rings:

Position Environment Spacers Seals Grease Options
Carousel Natural/humid PA6 standard NBR special EP2 standard/food Ground gear
End of line Natural/humid PA6 standard NBR special EP2 standard Controlled adjustment