Forestry Machines

Forest applications have always represented one of the hardest field. La Leonessa slewing rings are used in the realization of the drive axles and for the articulation of the cutting, gripping and handling tools.

Drive Axle
Full power to traction is a fundamental task in this kind of product application. High technical content walking beam drive axles have been developed by well-known manufactures to face this specific application, which requires a product with superior mechanical characteristics and an internal hardened gear.

Relying on an smooth and high efficienty control is essential to make the most of the engine power and the hydraulic cicrcuit during the operating phases.

Main characterisctics of forestry machines slewing rings:

Position Environment Spacers Seals Grease Options
Dive Axle Harsh PA6 standard NBR standard EP2 standard Full complement
Tool Ostile PA6 special NBR special EP2 standard Controlled adjustment