Compacting machines

Compacting machine is a highly specialized system, used for compacting the asphalt layer after the road has been paved. According to the machine typology there are three different positions where La Leonessa products are currently used.

It functions as joint between the machine front part with its back, allowing a mutual oscillations of maximum 15°.

It can be used as steering articulation. It has medium-small dimensions and it does not carry any gear, since the steering is generally hydraulic and attained by cylinders.

Positioned as the liking element between the two drum portions.

Main characteristics of compactors slewing rings:

Position Environment Spacers Seals Grease Options
Steer Harsh, dust, humidity, etc PA6 standard NBR standard EP2 standard Full complement
Drum Thermal gradient. humidity, absence of maintenance PA6 standard Special seals EP2 standard Controlled adjustment
Articulation Harsh, dust, humidity PA6 standard Special seals EP2 standard Full complement