Leonessa Group

The profile of a great company.

The company was established as a manufacturer of turntable bearings for agriculture, but in 1970 it began to produce industrial slewing rings.

Since then the name La Leonessa has been synonymous with products suited to rotation, from the most simple to the most rigorous. We produce different types of industrial slewing rings (whit rollers or balls) with external and internal gear or whithout gear and with diameters up to 3 metres. Agricultural ball turntable bearings of all types and sizes. We have always been the worldwide leaders for this product. We are also able to provide rotation units in the three dimensions universally recognised by the market.

For several decades our trademark has been a synonym for quality, reliability and attention to the demands of the market.

Right from the beginning our aim was to have the best references in every sector of application, thus our impact was immediately international, and continues to be so. Therefore, we are able to meet all your requirements.

Innovations in both process and product allow us to be a partner to refer to for the most demanding clients, because we use the most advanced technologies in the sector.

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